Windows 10: The Best hidden Features and Tips

Explorer now has a “Home” tab
In the last few renditions of Windows, opening My Computer or another Explorer window would demonstrate to you your machine’s different stockpiling areas and alternate ways to default envelopes like Documents and My Pictures. In Windows 10, you now wind up in another perspective called Home, which indicates Favorites, Frequent Folders, and Recent Files. Examine the screenshot beneath and you’ll understand.

Top picks is by all accounts where Documents or My Pictures ought to show up. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the math behind the Frequent Folders, however it would appear that it simply tracks which organizers I’ve opened the most times. Late Files is similar to the Recent Places feature that debuted in Windows Vista, however only for documents.

I accept that organizers can be added to the Favorites area, however I haven’t yet worked out how to do it. (To be completely forthright, the more progressive features of Explorer, in the same way as Libraries, are still really hard to enter.)

Windows 10 Full Preview

“This PC” is still accessible from the left-hand menu in the event that you need to deal with your different stockpiling areas/default organizers. I like the new Home tab a great deal.

Finally You can put the Recycle Bin on the Taskbar

Instead of needing to jab around Explorer or minimize everything and discover the Recycle Bin symbol on the Desktop, in Windows 10 you can now add the Recycle Bin to both the taskbar and the Start menu. Yes, that is the sound of numerous brains blasting as they calamitously understand the hugeness of this change.

Resizable Start Menu

This one is a bit odd: You can make the Windows 10 Start menu as tall or as wide as you like. On the off chance that you need to have a Start menu that takes up the whole left half of your screen, or a slender strip over the taskbar, then that is currently conceivable. The taskbar itself is additionally resizable, which implies you can do abnormal stuff like this

Cortana is Definitely Coming to Windows 10

After a tad bit of jabbing around (hunting down “Cortana” in Explorer) I discovered a great deal of references to Cortana in Windows 10 Technical Preview; there’s even a Windows.cortana.dll, simply sitting there in the System32 catalog.

You additionally get a group of Cortana-related hits on the off chance that you hunt down “Cortana” inside the Registry Editor.

None of this is to say that Cortana is most likely coming to Windows 10 — there are heaps of different purposes behind those records/registry sections being there, for example, the phantom of an early inner test — yet I’d say its really likely. We ought to assuredly see Cortana in the following Windows Beta

Notifications In Windows 10

While Windows 10 is supposed Notification Tray isn’t yet in the Technical Preview, there are some new pretty toasts that appear in the upper right corner of the screen. These notifications seem to supplant the discourse bubbles that used to pop out of the framework tray (the bottom right corner of the taskbar, unless you’re one of those barbarians who has moved the taskbar to a non-standard area). You can see two case notifications in the pictures above, yet there are comparable toasts for effective transfers to Dropbox and comparative exercises.

The extent that I can tell, these notifications/toasts are designed through the same interface that Metro notifications utilized within Windows 8/8.1 — i.e. in PC Settings (see beneath). It appears desktop applications like VLC and the Adobe Creative Cloud administrator/updater were naturally added to the rundown of applications that are permitted to pop up notifications


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